Diversified ETF portfolios

The power of AgentRisk lies in the power of our algorithms to create and maintain a portfolio that is tailor-made for you and optimized to feature liquidity, diversification and the lowest fees possible.

  • Phase 1: Asset selection

    Our algorithms start by selecting ETFs from sectors like US Equities, Emerging Markets, Bonds, Commodities and Energy. They create portfolios of all possible combinations and rank them based on total fees, liquidity and how uncorrelated the assets are.

  • Phase 2: Risk optimization

    Taking the best-ranking combinations of assets, our A.I will then add your risk tolerance into their mix and place the resulting portfolios on the efficient frontier to identify the portfolio that may bring you the desired results with the minimum risk.

  • Phase 3: Back Testing

    Finally, our algorithms perform a third optimization by, making sure that our strategies can be deployed on your portfolio and back-testing the top three against data from 2007 to date. The portfolio with the best past performance is then applied to your account.

  • Collecting historical data
  • Portfolio Examples

    Depending on which one of our smart strategies is applied to your account, here is what your optimized, diversified portfolio will offer.

  • Growth

    Your portfolio is designed with the maximization of your potential gains in mind.


    - Geo and class diversification
    - Option strategies to capture additional returns and/or protect assets without liquidating assets
    - Automating rebalancing
    - Tax harvesting
    - Dynamic Risk Management
    - High liquidity - Next day withdrawal

  • Income Generation

    Your portfolio's main mission is to add extra monthly or quarterly income to your regular earnings.


    - Steady income with low-fees
    - Option strategies to generate income and/or protect assets without liquidating assets
    - Automating rebalancing
    - Tax harvesting
    - Dynamic Risk Management
    - High liquidity - Next day withdrawal

  • Capital Preservation

    Your assets stay protected while sacrificing as little as possible of your potential returns.


    - High - yield savings acount type portfolio
    - Option strategies to preserve capital while enjoying market returns
    - Automating rebalancing
    - Tax harvesting
    - Dynamic Risk Management
    - High liquidity - Next day withdrawal

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I choose which assets I want my portfolio to include? All our portfolios and strategies are meticulously designed and calculated so that you won't have to brainstorm which assets to invest in. Our A.I. does all the hard work and does it well! Just take a look at our historical returns.

    What happens if my financial circumstances change? Our portfolios and strategies are dynamic. Simply update your profile and your portfolio will automatically be adapted to your new needs.

    What is the minimum amount required to invest with AgentRisk? Our account minimum is $50,000, which entitles you to an actively managed, diversified portfolio of low cost index funds enhanced with our proprietary option overlay and tax-loss harvesting strategies.

  • How can I see my portfolio analysis and returns? You can check all your portfolio details anytime via our website or mobile app. Your portfolio's performance and breakdown are updated daily and clearly presented to offer you a full overview in a glance.

    How often will my portfolio be updated? AgentRisk typically readjusts portfolios every month and whenever circumstances like elections, market volatility or changes in your financial profiles call for an update!

    How can I chat with Richard? Richard is always available for a chat on your smartphone. Simply download and run the AgentRisk app and Richard will be there to say hi!

  • Talk to us

  • Your peace of mind is our priority. Contact our support team with your questions or feedback anytime, anyhow.

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